An Inheritance in A#

by The Burning Wind

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released August 23, 2019

Drums recorded by Kris Hilbert at LGT BIZ
Everything else recorded by Jeremy White
Mixed and mastered by Jeremy White


all rights reserved



The Burning Wind Kernersville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Inheritance
Every year seems to misremember.
Every year seems to forget you.
A reflection of my past to carry until dirt.
a glass or paper portrait bathed in television.
was it of disease or of bone?
we spent concave nights on couches,
and a few more in the door,
hesitant and undecided.
Let it gather dust, leave it still.
Scripted laughs got in the way of the ticking air.
What was left to do but wait and watch.
the clock's hands wrapped and pulled,
nothing we could do.
your hell is my own,
every year, i feel it creep close,
i can't outrun an inheritance of rust.
my palms glazed with your sweat,
the same gap between my brain and tongue.
You exist nowhere and in mirrors.
Show me what wasn’t.
Show me what will be.
Track Name: No Hill to Die On
waking from bliss and into nothing silhouettes at the foot of my bed
a pair of eyes in every corner
glued to my every breath.
Watching and waiting for an inevitable slip.
Why even try, every look is
a thorned reminder.
scratch my neck with your jagged whisper
whisper bitter nothings about
my insufficient existance.
how could i expect to be anything more than
a sum of events in random sequence.
show me what it means to exist,
that love, hate, memory, and pain
are all part of the same grand scheme.
Left to grow into your cage,
Every day is a mantra to keep you sane.
No light at the end of this tunnel vision.
No purpose for us here.
In a locked room, I dream of being more than a thing without a hill to die on.
Track Name: Kin
your voice from a nostalgic blur,
but you were never really here.
i saw you cross the threshold,
kin with a blade and a
handful of past transgressions.
in those dragging seconds,
fear's cold clutch grew tighter.
little blood, seperate my skin
let me leak into a slow fade.
Track Name: I Never Said Goodbye
lie back, blank stare at white wall,
image of your collar, black and bone
cross-stitched memories of you and me
Buried in our heads
there you can never leave.
the clock’s hands wrapped and pulled,
a wound i can't stitch, a knot i can't tie.
i see the edge and i'm counting the steps
until i can see you again.
december 18th set fire to my eyes.
before your legs shook and crumbled,
before your youth drained into the kitchen floor.
before we heard the grinding in your knees.
before you left.
lie back.
thirteen years and i never said goodbye.
Track Name: Speaking Red
the fog of your black breath blisters
and leaves me wanting.
your presence, a poison trickles
and leaves me wanting release.
i'll tell you of constant cardiac car crash,
but serrated steel to my neck,
you force a false sense of security,
as your empty excuses fill my head.
believed every breath,
followed every thread
of the web you wove
in hopes of bodies.
i'll tell you of dreams and death.
words crawl from your mouth,
you grasp for reason,
you look for truth,
but all you see and speak is red.
you'll tell me how it feels
to see yourself as everything,
and everyone else as nothing.

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